Video of our Visitors

Some people watch squirrels play in their front yard. We, on the other hand, watch dolphins.

I was stepping off Beatitude today to head to the hospital for work. About the time my feet hit the dock, Cindy heard a splash. “What was that?” she asked. I turned to look and saw the dorsal fin of a dolphin over our stern quarter. “Dolphins!” I stepped back onto the boat to film this short video of our visitors.

We had grown accustomed to seeing dolphins last fall and winter, but they seemed to disappear from our marina over the summer. Now that cooler weather has returned, they have resumed their visits.

We are also thankful for the cooler weather for other reasons. We can now emerge from our air-conditioned salon and sit out in the cockpit enjoying the cool, less-humid, weather – even in the middle of the day!. What a wonderful time of year!

Enjoy our afternoon guests!

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