Old Friends, after 35 Years

Tuesday (8/26/14) Naples

Today was our last day in Naples. Tomorrow, we throw off our mooring lines and make a short trip further south. Today was a good day.

This morning we arose a little later than usual. Cindy spent the morning cleaning the interior of the boat, while I spent it studying for board recertification. Before we knew it, the clock had stricken noon. We went for a walk to the third shopping and dining district of Naples within walking distance of our boat – Tin City. Tin City is a section of town which was built back in the 1940s as a working dock. It is now a waterfront dining and shopping establishment.


We decided to have some seafood for lunch at the Riverwalk Restaurant. We ate waterside, watching the boats come and go, mostly of the pleasure variety transporting tourists on sightseeing trips. After finishing our delicious lunch, we spent a few minutes rambling through the different shops along the waterfront. Our big purchase of the day was some chocolate walnut fudge for dessert. We then walked the just under a mile hike back to the City Dock.

Riverwalk Restaurant on the Water

Riverwalk Restaurant on the Water

We had made plans to meet up with some old friends tonight – Roger and Carey Locke. They arrived at City Dock just before 5 pm. We dinghied over and had dinner together at The Dock Restaurant adjacent to – what else? – the dock. They then had the adventure of a short dinghy ride over to Beatitude in the mooring field to see our home. We showed them around, sat on the front deck talking and enjoying the breeze, then settled in around the table in the cockpit for more conversation and a game of “Shut the Box” (won handily by Cindy. She is on a roll!).

Cindy, Carey, and Roger relaxing on deck with a cool breeze

Cindy, Carey, and Roger relaxing on deck with a cool breeze

We know Roger and Carey from the late 1970s. Roger, Carey, Cindy and I were all in the same class at Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, MN. We all graduated in 1979 and had not seen each other since. It was so wonderful to touch base again after all these years. We really enjoyed spending the evening with them and are so glad they came to visit. Whatever else came from those years at ABI, Roger and Carey found each other, and I and Cindy found each other. They were married in the summer of ’79 and we were married in the fall of that same year. Thirty five years later we’re all still happily married.

Old Friends

Old Friends

We saw this boat named, not after one's mother, but after her money

We saw this boat named, not after one’s mother, but after her money

4 thoughts on “Old Friends, after 35 Years

  1. Was hoping you would post something else, soon. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and hearing and seeing about your travels. What a great story about R I ger and Carey. Thankful you got to reconnect and spend some time together. Please keep posting so I can keep reading, as I keep praying for your safety in your travels. Hugs.

  2. So glad you got to reconnect with old friends! Lovely how both couples are happily married after all those years 🙂 that’s the way it should be. Hopefully you’ll be able to meet up with many friends throughout your adventures!

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