Dry Tortugas: Fort Jefferson and Snorkeling Video

Patience! More than any other virtue, this is perhaps most needed if you are a cruiser. The 8-minute video of walking around Fort Jefferson on Garden Key and snorkeling in the nearby waters only took three full days to upload onto YouTube. Do not take your high speed internet for granted. Relying on marinas (or other businesses) for wifi teaches patience and makes you appreciate those times when it is fast.

Nevertheless, here is the long-in-production video. I’m still a novice at this, but hopefully you find it enjoyable. I condensed well over an hour of video into around eight minutes (and probably should have cut it shorter).

4 thoughts on “Dry Tortugas: Fort Jefferson and Snorkeling Video

  1. Nice video dad 🙂 Pretty fish and cool jellys. Reminds me of all those pretty snorkel trips we took on those little catamarans on cruises.

  2. Lovely !! I liked the music also. Reminded me of snorkeling off of St. John, USVI some 40 or so years ago. Look what Cindy missed !!

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