Eels, and Lobsters, and Crabs. Oh My!

Here is another diving video. Are you tiring of them yet? I’m not! 🙂 I enjoy producing these short videos of my time under the sea. The other day I did a double reef dive off Key West. Every time in the water is a totally new experience full of surprises. On this dive I got up close and personal with a couple of green moray eels and a few lobsters. It was really cool. The second eel, at least five feet long, is seen swimming along a crevice in the reef before stopping for a brief encounter. I also found a small crab hiding out in a hole on the reef. The video also contains the obligatory squirrel fish, french angelfish, blue parrotfish, smooth trunkfish, pork fish, blue tangs, and associated friends. You’ll also see a trumpetfish hanging out upside down in the coral. He’s the first of his kind I’ve seen.

I experimented with a red filter in this video. The surface of the water filters out the red light which is why everything appears blue and muted in my previous photos and videos. The red filter adds the red back in, so you see it as it would appear above water. Unfortunately, this dive was so shallow that, at times, the shot is a little too red-tinged in my opinion. The filter is only recommended below 10 feet and at times we were as shallow as 5-7 feet.

I’m definitely getting more comfortable diving. I am so much more relaxed and in control under water. In fact, my diving partner on this dive, who happens to be a dive master in California, told me I was a very good diver. I had good buoyancy control and body control. I am also doing much better on not using up all my air so quickly. I’ve been able to stay down as long as all the other divers on the last few dives. On these reef dives, I was the last one back aboard for both. Enjoy the cute little eels with the razor sharp teeth (Their faces remind me a little bit of Barney, the purple dinosaur for some reason.)

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