Crab Cay


Tuesday, December 2, was a day of rest. The previous two days were spent doing the equivalent of riding a bucking bronco for 8 hours each day. This day, the boat did not move except to swing slightly on its anchor, and we did not leave the boat. We slept in until 8 a.m. We arose at a leisurely pace, ran the generator for a few moments so that we could have hot showers, and had a pleasing breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. The rest of the morning was spent watching the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to.



We did work a little bit in the early afternoon. Our SSB antenna had come loose from our port shroud, so I needed to go part way up the mast to resecure it. I also needed to repair our lazy jacks, which had remained unrepaired since our gulf stream crossing. While up the mast, I grabbed the portion which had slipped to the upper ring of the lazy jack system. After bringing it down, we reattached the line to the port side of the mainsail stack pack where it had ripped out. With our two repair jobs out of the way, we put on some Christmas music and pulled out the acrylics. Cindy, who has become an excellent artist (I don’t think I’m just biased), finished a work of a beautiful pelican she had begun earlier. I, who am no artist, but like to play with colors on canvas, drew and laid in background color on a seascape.




For Dinner, we worked together to make a couple of pizzas with pepperoni, onions, and red peppers. Mmmmm! After dinner, we climbed up onto the bimini to watch the last remaining traces of the sunset. The western sky emanated a purplish, red glow until the sun’s residual brightness was diminished. We stood in awe that we were living our dream, a dream held rather tenuously a year ago. Surrounded by nothing but God’s beautiful creation, we felt a strange sense of peace and communion with God. No sounds were present, but the sounds of the wind and the water. No buildings! No automobiles! No civilization of any kind! We were in a picturesque bay with its own palm-lined beach… in the Bahamas! After soaking in God’s goodness and before retiring for the night, we settled in for the second movie of our daily double Christmas feature: Elf! After finishing the movie, I noticed another anchor light in the anchorage. Someone had pulled in after dark. Now there are three boats sharing this large protected harbor with room for many more.



Tomorrow morning, we will arise, weigh anchor, and head for Green Turtle Cay’s White Sound, where a slip in Bluff House Resort and Marina awaits.


8 thoughts on “Crab Cay

  1. Sounds wonderful there ! Was the crossing across the Gulf pretty rough ?
    It’ amazing with the right instruments you can set a course and ” by faith” reach the other side. You all take care ! df

    • Thanks, Dave! The Gulf Stream was pretty rough the day we did it. 6-8′ waves. But it felt great accomplishing it. It’s always great to see land after it’s been out of sight for a while.

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