Chillin’ at Harbortown Marina

Since our failed autopilot cut short our Charleston to Miami passage, we’ve been getting some rest and relaxation at Harbortown Marina, nestled along the Canaveral Barge Canal. The marina has a quaint and small-town feel. From the looks and comments of passersby, I think Beatitude is the biggest vessel that’s been in here in a while. There is not a lot of maneuvering room inside for a boat with a beam of 25′. But, the people are super friendly and it has turned out to be the perfect place to spend a few days waiting for proper weather for the continuation of our voyage.

Harbortown Marina (not my photo; taken from marina website)

Harbortown Marina (not my photo; taken from marina website)

Morning at the marina

Morning at the marina

As previously mentioned, the Garmin people were super responsive to our needs and had us ready to go the same day we pulled in. But by then, the weather wasn’t ideal to continue — plus, we were dead tired. So, we rented a car for a few days and have been running errands, doing small boat tasks, and chilling. On our last overnight passage, Cindy’s iPhone was sitting out at the helm station and took on quite a bit of salt spray. So, on one day we had to take a trip to Orlando for an Apple Store visit to replace the phone (Thank God for Applecare!). We met up with good friends and family for supper afterwards. We’ve bought a few other items we might need while out of the country for a couple of years or more. This morning, we attended church at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Cocoa.

St. Mark's, Cocoa, FL

St. Mark’s, Cocoa, FL

Fixing the navigation lights... again.

Fixing the navigation lights… again.

Cindy's Christmas (Easter/Thanksgiving) Cactus in Bloom

Cindy’s Christmas (Easter/Thanksgiving) Cactus in Bloom

We now feel refreshed and ready to head offshore again. Hopefully, our repairs were effective and hold up. But, as Captain Ron says, “If it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen out there!” We are now thinking we will bypass Miami altogether. The plan is to leave either tomorrow morning or Tuesday morning and head down the Florida coast to around the Lake Worth area. From there, we’ll hang a 90° turn to port and cross the Gulf Stream. We’ll skirt the southwestern coast of Grand Bahama Island and head southeastward toward Great Harbor Cay in the Berry Islands. We will then decide whether to check into the Bahamas there or continue on to the eastern end of Nassau. Once in Nassau, we’ll have a short 30 nautical mile passage to the Exumas. Despite a tropical low just southeast of the Bahamas heading this way with a 70% chance for development (as of the time of my writing), the forecasted weather through at least Thursday in the area we will be traveling is expected to be very light and variable winds. We’ll take a look at the forecast in the morning and decide whether to go tomorrow or wait another day. We won’t take any crazy chances.

Both Beatitude and this tropical low want to go to the Bahamas (courtesy of the Weather Channel)

Both Beatitude and this tropical low want to go to the Bahamas (courtesy of the Weather Channel)

Below is a one-and-a-half minute video I produced of our dolphin encounters the other day. We were twice treated to 15-20 minute shows up at our bow by the visitation of two pods of dolphins swimming playfully just in front of Beatitude. Cruising on your own sailboat can be an enchanting way of life.

4 thoughts on “Chillin’ at Harbortown Marina

  1. Woke up this am wondering where your journey had you going. Watched the weather and wondered even more. Then your post appeared. I know I don’t need to say this but….take no chances. Love and prayers are with you. Ken and I are in Fort Lauderdale until Dec. 3rd. Enjoyed your friends guiding you along the way. God bless.

    • Thanks, Alice! We are listening to and looking up the weather forecasts now. It looks like it will be a go for today. Winds should be less than 10 knots down the FL Coast and across to the Bahamas for us. The storm will pass to our east and turn off to the open Atlantic before we get to the Bahamas. It’s too bad we’re bypassing Miami! We could’ve met up again.

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