Diving Grenada

One day last week I was able to do a two-tank dive in Grenada.

Our first site was an area of the reef known as Happy Valley. The vibrant colors and variety of the coral and the sheer numbers of fish on the reef were amazing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many fish on a dive. The water clarity was excellent, and the dive, with depths of up to 73-feet, was really nice.

The second site was at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park Sculpture park, which began construction in 2006 and is situated on the sandy ocean floor in Molinere Bay. Works include a group of children holding hands, a “Lost Correspondent” sitting at a desk with a typewriter, a “Christ of the Deep,” and various other sculptures. My video also caught a shy octopus attempting to avoid my camera among the sculptures. Unfortunately, the water clarity on this shallow sandy bottom was not great. It was further clouded by some very wild medical school students who had skipped class to dive on this beautiful day. They were constantly kicking up sand and spending inordinate amounts of time at every sculpture, making video a little bit of a challenge.

I hope you enjoy this 7-1/2 minute video, edited from two hours of footage:

4 thoughts on “Diving Grenada

  1. That was beautiful and your best sermon ever! I am singing How Great Thou Art in my head. Everything was designed perfectly on this earth. We are blessed!!

  2. Made me sing the Doxology as I watched. Did interrupt once to cheer the Lion Fish shot even though they are still one of God’s beautiful creations.

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