Beatitude is for Sale!

Cindy and I are ready for a change. We’ve just listed our beloved Beatitude, our home for more than four years, on the market. It was not without much deliberation and soul-searching. We have so enjoyed our time on the water, hopping from one tropical island to another. We’ve had so many wonderful experiences and have learned so much as we’ve put nine-thousand nautical miles in our wake. We’ve explored places we never would have seen otherwise. We’ve met wonderful people, enjoyed stunning sunsets, been face to face with sharks and howler monkeys, soaked up the sun on some of the most spectacular sandy beaches, snorkeled and swam in the clearest waters, sailed the open ocean in the dark of night, and anchored behind the Statue of Liberty as well as in isolated, uninhabited islands. It’s been a wonderful life!

Beatitude at rest.

However, seasons change (even in the tropics, there is wet season and dry season). We have decided it’s time for other adventures. When we first bought Beatitude, our mindset was that we would live this life for as long as we felt we wanted to. When we decided otherwise, we’d walk away and do something else. Being novices to sailing and cruising, we didn’t know if that would be one year, five years, or twenty years. It turned out to be a little over four years. Once our lightning strike repairs are completed, we’ll spend a few months making our way back to Florida. (That is, unless it sells before we arrive. Wouldn’t that be nice!) Until we reach the states, we’ll enjoy the remaining time we have on our wonderful boat.

Our daily jungle walks have continued: Here, a Black Hawk

Another Jungle Hawk – I couldn’t figure out what kind he is.

You may be wondering what is next. Well… so are we! Actually, we have some ideas. We almost certainly will be purchasing an RV and spend some time on the road exploring North America. There’s so much of the U.S. we’ve not seen yet, especially out west. In addition to the RV thing, we are considering the possibility of downsizing from our present vessel, a 42′ catamaran, to a 35ish-foot monohull and place it somewhere in the Caribbean (Virgin Islands?, Puerto Rico?) to enjoy on a part-time basis. We are also considering buying a condo in some warm place close to the water. We are so blessed to have multiple options available to us.

Work on the boat has also continued: All three of our burners on our propane stovetop were non-functioning. After a few hours of labor, two are now working great!

Mike, the rigger, on Beatitude looking at our Jib Furler. We have to replace the bottom mechanism, which had seized up. That will be ordered.

I hope you’ll continue to follow our adventures until we return to the states… and beyond!

Lots of Capuchin Monkeys around.

30 thoughts on “Beatitude is for Sale!

  1. When it’s time… It’s time. Hard decision we know BUT there is a life and adventures after “the sale”. God Bless & God Speed!!!

    Hope & Carson

  2. I feel sad for you two, but I hope you will publish your blog, Im sure your families are glad!!! You’ve shared things I never thought I’d see, THANK YOU!

  3. I’m. So glad tou got to be so adventurous. For a time. Welcome back to land. I know Cindy wants to be closer to James as well as you. Grandkids are to best.

  4. Safe travels back to U.S.
    Will be anxious to see you both again.
    YES, YES, I for one will surely follow your adventures, whether on water, or land.
    Your blog is wonderful!

  5. Best wishes on your next adventures!! I have certainly enjoyed your blog
    And all your pictures of places I would have never seen without you sharing.
    God bless…take care!!

  6. Awww! Thank you, captain! I have enjoyed the sights, and almost the sounds and smells, of the Cindy and Barry Carey Ferry. Thank you for taking all of us along and allowing us land lubbers to enjoy each voyage. I feel like it was MY boat that got struck by lightening and suffered a mold attack! We will stay tuned in to the next exciting adventure of “Where in the World are the Careys?” Be safe.

  7. Best wishes to both of you, I will miss reading your blog it is always so interesting. We just sold Delfino this week, the owners take possession December 15 and Fabio is now picking out his motorhome to travel the states and Canada.

    • Congratulations on selling Delfino! We are thankful to have met you and Fabio on our adventures! Best wishes to you on your ongoing adventures!

  8. We will miss our buddy boat! I’m sure our paths will cross again Someday, somewhere. As we’ve learned, it’s a small and wonderful world! It was wonderful getting to spend time with y’all.
    Warmest regards
    Kim and Zim

  9. It is a total blessing to have traveled the seas and land through you thus far and look forward to continueing your journey with you both as long as you’ll allow. I wish you well in your travels, Wherever and however you go! BON VOYAGE’ SAFE TRAVELS ‘Captain and Tennille’!!!!!⛵

  10. This is so bittersweet! Kind of sad, but exciting for the next chapter You guys have really been blessed to experience so much (that others only dream of) & I appreciate sooooo much the many times you’ve enabled me to share in your adventure! Memories I will never forget And looking forward to maybe sharing some future adventures too Love you guys!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful cruise. This will be my second time to carry an oar (vicariously this time) far enough inland until someone asks me “what is that?”.

  12. You have enjoyed the journey with Beatitude. Now the journey continues by another means. What a wonderful experience you have had to add to the memories. God bless you on your next leg of the journey.

  13. Wow, selling the boat and the lifestyle! It has been great fun following your adventures. I wish you the best as you plan the next phase of life. If you are in the vicinity of Longboat Key or Bloomington, Indiana, my wife Marcia and I would love to buy you and Cindy a dinner. We are typically in the former over Christmas, spring break, and early June. Otherwise we are in Bloomington. Please email me.

  14. It is always great to read your blog. We certainly enjoyed our trip to Israel with you guys. We were surprised to hear you are selling the Beatitude and considering the purchase of an RV. You may not remember but we have been happy owners of a number of RV’s continuously since 1967 and happy owners of motorhomes since 1981. We know you will love RVing, at least ALMOST as much as your cruising!!! If you want to ever talk RV’s, please feel free to contact us. – Ed & Kathy

    • Hi Ed! Great to hear from you. We are always surprised to hear from someone new who has not commented before. We’re never quite sure who is reading our blogs. Yes, we put down a deposit on a Bighorn 5th wheel this last week. We’ll probably shift from sea to land in May. We’ll see. I was unaware of your RVing history. Good to know!

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