Monkeys and Humans

Time flies when you’re waiting for boat work! Well, not really. It’s been a week since my last update. I had hoped to include tons of pictures of work being done on the boat — but, alas, that was not to be. Not a soul, other than Cindy and I, have done anything on this boat. We did, however, receive our replacement freezer which was shipped all the way from the U.S.! And… we did go into Colon to La Casa de las Baterías and purchase the needed replacements for the starting batteries for our twin diesel engines and outboard engine. That’s it in regard to the repairs which are necessary for our departure from Shelter Bay.

The Delivery of our Freezer/Refrigerator

New in place of the Old (and Fried)

The Battery Guy replacing our damaged starting batteries with new ones. The battery for the port engine resides beneath our bed, which explains why Cindy is sitting atop the mattress to keep it from smacking the guy in the head.

Cindy and I washed and rehung the salon curtains. Our icon of the Theotokos highlighted by the sun.

I have equally high hopes for boat work over the next week. But, my hopes have not fared well lately. For instance, the cruelty of being a Georgia sports fan was renewed again last evening. My hometown Atlanta Falcons were up 28-3 late in the 3rd quarter, and still found a way to squander a game that was all but impossible to squander. For Super Bowl Championships, there’s always the next century.

Ready for the Super Bowl Party at Shelter Bay. There were probably about 30 present for the festivities.

Other than the aforementioned setbacks and my several-day bout with a respiratory virus, Cindy and I are doing well. We’ve continued our daily jungle walks and have enjoyed each others company, as we usually do. I’m blessed to spend my days with someone whose companionship I find it hard to do without. We’ve passed our time accomplishing small tasks on our vessel, praying, reading, singing, playing games, watching movies, and occasionally hanging out with fellow cruisers.

A Walk in the Jungle

Walking in the a Tropical Rainshower

A little Coati running across the path in front of us.

Lovely Butterfly on our walk

A Crimson-Backed Tanager. Magnificent.


Searching for the ever-elusive (almost) sloth

Daddy Howler

Mom showing Baby how to eat one’s vegetables.

Cute Baby Howler

Cindy’s sketches on a number of Jungle animals she plans to paint

It has been a little difficult watching boat after boat leaving the marina for their journey through the canal and out into the Pacific. Inevitably, there are trade-offs. For us, we’ve decided to forego the Pacific in order to enjoy certain other pleasures ashore for a while.

Our Aussie neighbors aboard Ooroo are leaving the slip headed for the Pacific

Looking over a chart of the Western Caribbean with fellow-cruiser, Don, in anticipation of upcoming passages.

7 thoughts on “Monkeys and Humans

  1. You probably know this but in case you don’t or have forgotten, the jungle has a fungus that affects some people more than others. I know you enjoy your walks, but you may need to forgo some of them and take a break.

  2. Love the picture of you two under the umbrella and I love mom’s sketches!!!! It is so great that you can encounter so many beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Sorry about the Super Bowl 🙁 Maybe no w you can share our dislike of the Patriots as they have crushed our Steelers’ dreams several times as well.

  3. I love it that even with the delays, you two have found pleasure not only in the wild life, but each other…. of course, you always do!!! The pictures were fascinating!!!

  4. Bummer about how much time it’s taking to get your boat fixed…but what awesome memories you guys are making while you wait Sorry about your team…but hey they made it to the Super Bowl Great pictures!

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