Be Not Slothful (unless you’re a sloth)

Hebrews 6:12 admonished us to “be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Time and again, the Proverbs warn us of the hazards of slothfulness. That’s all well and good… unless you happen to a sloth, in which case it is not only perfectly acceptable to be slothful, but even admirable.

Adorable sloth face

My ramblings on about slothfulness is prompted by additional sloth sightings in the Panamanian jungle. We had only seen a sloth on one other occasion until recently, when on two consecutive days we spotted our sluggish, furry friends. We look forward to our daily two-mile hikes into the jungle where we come face-to-face with some of God’s most interesting creatures. What follows are numerous photos of our jungle adventures:

Sloth sleeping upside down wedged in a fork in a limb.

The main predators of the sloth are jaguars, harpy eagles and humans. They can be difficult to spot in the trees, not the least because of their slow motion.

The claws of the sloth

Lazy Howler

Howler Monkey

Lunch time.

Baby howler on the back of its parent

Dining out.

Howler in silhouette

A wary capuchin monkey

You can barely see the rodent-like creature on the right side of the path up ahead. I believe he may be an Agouti. We’ve seen several, but they’re difficult to photograph given their haste in departing our paths.

On a jungle walk.

Cindy on a jungle walk.

Pretty jungle moth

Green Heron

One of the many beautiful birds

The Montezuma oropendola.


A beautiful bird

Building a nest atop a broken-off palm tree.

Hummingbird at a feeder someone placed in the jungle. A Green Hermit?

We spent ten days at the end of February in the states: Cindy, once again in Ohio, and I splitting my time in the emergency departments of Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, FL and Bellin Health in Green Bay, WI. Green Bay was kind enough to order a snow and ice storm on the night of my arrival. I survived, and we returned to Panama on February 28th.

A Green Bay Welcome

Since then, I’ve been fighting the temptation to be slothful. Boat work has been slowly progressing. The fuel pump and raw water pressure switch were installed on the generator, but it still would not start. Finally, we pulled out the printed circuit control board and found that it was fried. More parts are now needed from the States in order to attempt further repairs. We’ve been waiting for all of the additional electronics parts to come in for those to be replaced. The order was complete on Friday, so one day this next week, Radio Holland will return to finish up the electronics.

Beatitude. She hasn’t moved in a while (She’s been slothful!)

The fried generator control PCB. You can see areas where it was burnt by the current..

If the electronics are completed and functioning, we then have a decision to make. If our insurance will approve the final repairs on the generator to take place back in the U.S., we could leave Panama as early as next weekend. It looks like a weather window will open up on Saturday or Sunday and last a few days. (Right now, the western Caribbean has gale force winds and 12 foot seas!). So, we could possibly be out of Shelter Bay in a week or so. However, if the electronics are not complete, or the weather window doesn’t materialize, or the insurance company does not approve our departure, we will have to wait until the second week of April (at the earliest) to leave (due to my work schedule).

We’ve spent a few afternoons in the nice marina pool to cool down. Highs have been 90ish and lows in the upper 70s.

The next blog will contain an update on our plans.

4 thoughts on “Be Not Slothful (unless you’re a sloth)

  1. You have sure been able to see a lot of beautiful birds and animals while in the jungles of Panama! I hope they can get your boat finished so you can travel. I’m glad you’re checking the weather & know when a good time is to go. (Good Captain!) love you guys ❤

  2. Beautiful wildlife! I love the sloths and baby howler monkey <3 I'm glad you can at least enjoy such beautiful scenery while you await repairs. You are practically Panamanians.

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