Beautiful San Lorenzo

I’m lucky to be able to spend my days with this woman.

Fort San Lorenzo, one of the most ancient Spanish fortresses in America, lies just a few miles down the road from Shelter Bay Marina. It has been designated a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO. The natural beauty of the surrounding area is only made more beautiful by the ruined remains of what used to be an important fort in protecting the Spanish gold and other trade.

My companion in adventure.

Looking down past Fort San Lorenzo and into the Caribbean

Manning (or womaning?) the cannon.

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…”

Views from the Fort

Fort San Lorenzo stands at the mouth of the Chagres River, which is seen in the background behind Cindy.

Since we had our rental car for one more day after returning from Panama City, we decided to drive over to the fortress for another visit. We arrived shortly after 8 a.m., which meant we avoided the worst of the day’s heat, as well as the hordes of visitors which throng to the site by bus as the day wears on. We had the place to ourselves for the most part. Our only interaction was with a group of howler monkeys which were congregating in a tree just on the other side of a fortress wall. It was a gorgeous, sunny Panamanian day, which are plentiful this time of year (the dry season).

Fort San Lorenzo

Howlers at the fort

Standing at the precipice of a cliff at the fort. It’s straight down for maybe 75-100 feet into the water. Directly in front of me are stairs which lead downward. I could imagine that this would have been the entrance from the water back when the fort was operational.

Baby Howlers are so cute!

My beautiful wife with a howler family behind.

A lovely beach adjacent to the fort. I ambled down a steep, narrow path while Cindy remained up high at the fort. I’m a speck on the beach in this photo.

On the beach next to the fort.

A small creek drains into the sea at this crescent beach.

Panoramic view while standing on the beach

We bought another hammock for the boat from a local Panamanian lady.

When confined to the marina, we’ve continued our daily jungle walks to commune with God and the wild animals of Panama. The monkeys have gotten quite active in the trees above us. The last couple of times we’ve walked, we’ve been bombarded from above with nuts, fruit, twigs and branches. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but I think it’s personal. πŸ™‚

Busy Capuchin

Two Amazon Parrots perched high in the tree


In a previous post, we showed this little fellow hollowing out his home which he now inhabits. As we walk by, he repeatedly sticks his head out to see what’s happening.



This guy knows how to spend a hot, muggy Panamanian afternoon.

And… a little boat work.

Only half of our outlets were working after our charger/inverter was replaced. After replacing this GFI outlet, they all are. The lightning fried the outlet, which (improperly) is serving as a fuse/breaker for several other outlets scattered around the boat.

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