Three Days in La Ciudad

Cindy and I love to get away for brief reprieve from the isolation of the jungle and into the big city. Escaping to Panama City for two or three days in a month breaks up our Shelter Bay Marina routine a bit. So, we took the marina shuttle into Colon, rented a car for a few days, and drove from the Atlantic to the Pacific in a little over an hour. We may not have gone, but I needed to check with the Yanmar dealer in Panama City to see if they had the raw water cooling pumps needed to repair my engines. (Alas, they only had one, and I needed two.) Since we had to drive over, we figured we may as well make the best of it.

This time, we stayed in the Doubletree, just a few blocks from where we usually stay. It’s not quite the Waldorf Astoria, but it was plenty nice. Of course, it’s not all that difficult to please someone who lives on a boat. Pleased we were, though! Our first afternoon and evening in the city, we relaxed at the hotel and went to Gauchos, an Argentinian steak house, for dinner. The filet was succulent and flavorful. Mmmm!

In our hotel room, about to leave for an excellent steak dinner.

Our hotel, the Doubletree, was just across the street from this gorgeous church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmen, one of the most visited churches in Panama.

The Gothic architecture belies the 20th century construction date.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmen above the altar.

A beautiful floral rose window in the rear of the church

Our Lady stands high above the facade.

The pool was nice, if not a little chilly.

Filet Mignon at Gauchos. I splurged and had the 16 oz. size. 🙂

Cindy at her favorite Panamanian restaurant, Gauchos

The next afternoon we taxied into Casco Viejo (the old town) for a stroll through the narrow streets before eating dinner at a wonderful tapas place called Tántalos. It has a youthful vibe and is decorated in a modern, artsy manner. The shrimp mac and cheese was my favorite, while Cindy’s was the broiled goat cheese. Mmmm, again!

Scenes from Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo

Interior of one of the several churches in the old town.

Tapas at Tántalos.

Interior design at Tántalos. The lamps are made of plastic soda tops.

Panama City skyline from Tántalo’s rooftop bar.

An after-dinner beverage on Tántalos’s rooftop.

On our third day, we walked a couple of miles to the Multicentro Mall, where we hung out for a little while. Then, in the evening, we headed back to Casco Viejo for an evening of jazz. Our intention was to return to Tántalos for dinner, but they were closed for a private party. So, we enjoyed Italian at the restaurant, L’Osteria, a few doors down. After dinner, we wandered the charming streets of the old town for awhile before arriving at Danilo’s Jazz Club. The club is owned and run by Danilo Peréz, a grammy nominated jazz pianist who has played extensively with Dizzy Gillespie and Wayne Shorter. He is a graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston, where our daughter, Mariah, attended. The night’s performer was Idania Dowman, Panama’s “Lady of Jazz.” It was the perfect way to conclude a wonderful three-day excursion into the big city.

Dinner at L’Osteria.

Casco Viejo at night.

The nighttime facade of the Iglesia La Merced.

The bellower and top of the church of St. Francis

More night scenes from Casco Viejo

Panama City Skyline from Casco Viejo

Seated at Danilo’s and ready for jazz!

Cindy seated at our front row table.

Idania Dowman

7 thoughts on “Three Days in La Ciudad

  1. So glad you are back on n the “air” ??? Have missed your adventures. Now, what’s next ? Do I have it right….your next shiinagans will be on the road with an RV ???? Maybe I got it wrong….but that should be exciting too. Just have fun !!!!

    • Yes! Blogs are slower in coming but we are still posting them. Next is getting Beatitude back to the States and then a new adventure….RVing! (as well as other means of travel occasionally) It is great to see your response and that you are still following us!

  2. Beautiful pictures and sounds like you guys really do like land….as well as sea! Hope you get back to Lakeland one day, did not get enough time to see you last time you were here!

    Love and blessings to you both,

    • Land…Sea… We just enjoy travel and adventure! 🙂 We’ll likely revisit Lakeland in a month or two. And, hopefully we’ll have more than two seconds to say hello this time!

  3. Nice you got to spend a few days in the city & do some sightseeing, enjoying food & jazz! Looking forward to spending some time with you Love ya

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