Our First RV Destination: St. Augustine, Florida

Before leaving Central Florida, Cindy had breakfast with a friend, Betty, while I underwent some routine medical testing.

Our good friends and family (Our son, Jeremy’s wife’s mother, Heather, and her Aunt Sherry) visiting us from Orlando. Here, we are having dinner at Cracker Barrel.

Saying good-bye to company.

On the morning of June 15th, we hitched up our new home and drove 182 miles up I-4 through miles of crazy traffic and construction and then up I-95 to St. Augustine. We’ve adopted a general guideline when traveling that we will attempt to adhere to as much as possible called the 2:2:2 rule. The goal on travel days will be to drive less than 200 miles, arrive by 2 p.m., and stay at least 2 nights at each destination (We modified this rule from other RVers). Our first trip was a success, then, from the standpoint of adhering to our rule.

Making sure the tops of the slides are clean so that we can safely retract them prior to departure from Lazydays.

Putting away the sewer hose. No “RV” incidents with the sewer hose yet!

Cindy folding up the steps prior to departure.

Our living area with both slides retracted.

In fact, it was a success in (almost) all aspects. We had no problems hitching up the RV, although it did take several repetitions of backing up and moving forward to align the kingpin with the hitch. Maybe we’ll get better at this as time goes on, or maybe that’s just what it will take to hitch the RV. We had no problems negotiating the heavy traffic and construction zones, nor did we have any problems stopping for lunch and finding an appropriate place to park the rig. Setting up at the new RV park was also a much smoother process. We’ve now had three times to practice all of that.

Ready to hit the road.

Food stop! It’s a long way from the rear of the RV to the front of the truck!

Parked by one of the big boys. We’re about as tall though. The height of our RV is 13’3″.

Our only real problems of the trip were found when we opened the doors to the RV upon our arrival. The first was small, we had stacked some soda inside the door which had tumbled over and one can leaked slightly — not a big deal, but we’ll have to continue to improve preparing the interior for our travels down the road. The second was slightly more of a disaster. We have very nice roomy cabinets above the sofa at the rear of the RV. We had stacked books on the top shelf of these cabinets. Unfortunately, the shelf decided it didn’t want to support the books (which probably weighed more than a hundred pounds) and one side gave way, sending all the books spraying out the cabinet doors and into the living space. We first realized there was a problem when Cindy tried to extend the slide outs. The books were caught in between and wouldn’t let the slideouts fully extend. We cleaned up the mess the next morning and I made a trip down to Home Depot for some supplies to repair the shelf. No more books on the top shelf!

A mess in the living room. You can see the shelf to the right gave way, spilling our books onto the floor.

The shelf is repaired.

Our spot at Stagecoach RV park.

The evening of the first day in St. Augustine we drove into town and had dinner with a friend at Cellar 6, a lovely restaurant on Aviles Street in the heart of the downtown area. It was so nice to enjoy a great meal with Megan, the daughter of our good friends in Charleston, Justin and Shera. She recently moved from Charleston to Jacksonville, and was so nice as to drive down to St. Augustine to have dinner with us and stop by the RV for a few minutes afterward.

My love and I at Cellar 6 for dinner with Megan.

Megan and Cindy on Aviles Street in front of our dinner spot.

Today, our second day in St. Augustine we did a little sight-seeing. We’ve visited St. Augustine a couple of times before by car and once when we were making our way up the east coast in our sailing home. You can read about those adventures HERE and HERE. Even though we’ve seen most of the sights of St. Augustine, we still love it here. We decided to revisit a couple of places today, the Fountain of Youth and the San Sebastian Winery. I had remembered the Fountain of Youth as a kitschy, touristy place not hardly worth a second thought. Either they’ve changed the place or I didn’t see much of it before. There is still the kitsch, but there is also an archaeological site and historical demonstrations. It was nice. Our winery stop was also nice. Most of their wines are nothing to speak of, but their dessert wines are actually good. Today, we brought home a bottle of their Sherry.

Cindy at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park.

We know this isn’t the “real” fountain of youth because we drank of it around 15 years ago. We’re old.

A cool, 1950’s technology educational display, a two-story spinning globe showing the routes Columbus took on his first two journeys to the New World.

The archaelogical site is behind us. St. Augustine is considered to be the oldest city in the U.S. The original settlement was on the property of the Fountain of Youth Park, slightly north of the modern town.

Cindy, doing archaeology. Sadly, she found no valuable artifacts.

Standing in front of a reconstruction of the original Catholic mission in the first settlement.

One of the several entertaining demonstrations at the Fountain of Youth Park. Here, a guide fires a crossbow.

At the winery.

Tomorrow, we head on up the road a little. We’ll leave early for our trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, just a little over 200 miles away.

Peacocks were all over the Fountain of Youth Park. Here is a beautiful white one.

And, a beautiful “normal” peacock.

4 thoughts on “Our First RV Destination: St. Augustine, Florida

  1. Glad you’re first trip was a success! Before long you’ll be a pro at maneuvering that monster around I was surprised how much smaller your RV looked parked next to that semi! It must have been huge! Looking forward to reading all your blogs on Beatitude II Be safe! Love you guys❤️

  2. Barry and Cindy CONGRATULATIONS on sailing the Caribbean Sea, opening your life and heart to so many! You both look, and seemed fabulous, relaxed, well! God protected you throughout. Thanks again for hosting us aboard your lovely new home! How spacious it is within, how well-appointed (as I had expected). Your new place was brimming comfort and joy! Our reunion was GRAND indeed.
    Happy Trails. The photos, write-ups already have me captivated in a part of Florida that I simply love: St.Augustine! Perfect stop. Godspeed my beloved family, friends.


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