Surprising Cindy in Hilton Head, SC

There is nothing that makes us happier than to surprise Cindy with a visit from family. Julie and Tracy have teamed up with me on several occasions to drop in on us at a baseball game, our home, a cruise, our sailboat, and now on our RV. They drove all day on Friday in order to meet us on Saturday morning in Hilton Head. The shocked look on Cindy’s face as she opened the door to find them standing outside was priceless!


We arose in St. Augustine before sunrise on Saturday morning for an early start. We did so in order to coordinate our arrival with the girls in Hilton Head. Of course, Cindy was unaware of my ulterior motives, but she unquestioningly followed my wishes for an early departure. She was not so blissful when, three hours later, we checked into Hilton Head Harbor RV Park for several days. She thought we were only staying 2 days and was upset with me for not including her on the decision to stay longer. Of course, I couldn’t answer her questions of why, so I postponed my response until we were set up on our site. Fortunately, I was soon to be rescued by Julie and Tracy’s arrival. All was forgiven when Cindy realized why I had excluded her from my planning. 🙂

Beatitude II at our site.

View out our RV window.

We’ve had a blast since the girls’ arrival. On Saturday, we played a little tennis at the RV park courts before cleaning up to go down to Coligny Plaza for some trivia competition. Our team (“Team Beatitude”) won a couple of movie tickets, complete with soda and popcorn for winning one of the contests. The four of us make a pretty good team since we all have areas of knowledge different from the others. We returned to Beatitude II for filet on the grill. Mmmm!

One half of the doubles match.

The other half of the doubles match.

Mom and Daughter

3/4ths of the brainiacs at the trivia contest.

Grilling steak.

Waiting on steak.

The view from our RV campsite

And another

Sunday afternoon was beach day at Alder Lane beach. The water was wonderfully warm, yet refreshing, while the sun was soft and comfortable. We tossed a football in the water between being smashed by waves, and we played frisbee in the shallows on the beach. It was a perfect day. My Father’s Day was completed by one of the best seafood dinners I’ve ever had at Hudson’s on the docks. My Neptune’s Seafood Feast, consisting of scallops, grouper, deviled crab, shrimp, and oysters was amazing. It was great celebrating Father’s Day with at least some of my children. I was also blessed to receive video calls from Jeremy and Mariah.

On the beach access walkway.

Beach shot.

Cindy and I laying on our Mother’s and Father’s Day presents from Julie and Tracy.

Enjoying the refreshing ocean waters of Hilton Head.

Tracy and Julie

Football. Who threw it and who is catching it?

Julie on the beach.

Frisbee time.

Unforgettable Father’s Day dinner at Hudson’s on the Docks

Hilton Head wildlife

Yesterday, the fun continued with a zip-lining expedition. It was a blast riding cables up to 75′ above the ground at Zipline Hilton Head. We had a couple of great guides, Day and Gabe, who added to the fun. The ladies also took some time to do a little rock painting on the RV. Then, in the evening, Tracy grilled us some delicious chicken fajitas. Mmmmm, again!

Zip-Lining Crew

Tracy atop one of the platforms.

Trudging up the stairs to a higher platform.

Cindy and I making our way on one of the swinging bridges between zip-lines.

Great view from the top!

Our great guides, Gabe and Day

Ladies’ Rock Painting

Spectacular sunset

Julie and Tracy will be with us for another few days before returning to New Castle, Pennsylvania on Saturday. We look forward to more fun and games before their departure. We’ve also had their mostly sweet bulldog, Delilah, with us. I say “mostly” because she is super sweet to Julie, Tracy, and Cindy. Not so much with me. For the most part, her interaction with me consists of growling, snarling, and barking (on her part, of course). She acts like she’d like to tear the flesh from my bones. We had a few hours of love on Saturday evening. I fed her some of my filet mignon at dinner. The rest of the night she lavished kiss upon kiss upon my arms and legs and allowed me to pet her freely. The next morning, all reconciliation was forgotten. She was back to her “mostly-sweet” self. I don’t really mind and I’m not scared of her. Poor thing was a shelter dog which had been abused in her past life, who now has chronic kidney problems. Julie and Tracy adopted her and have given her a good life. I must remind her of some traumatic experience in her previous life, so, it’s all okay. Actually, today, we’ve had a sort of truce. She hasn’t acted aggressively toward me, and I’ve done all I can not to provoke her. 🙂

Lilah with her look-alike cow toy.

Sunset from Hilton Head RV Park.

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  1. I was so down when I found your blog “locked”…figured you didn’t love us in Lakeland anymore. Now I understand, everything is bright and beautiful, and I have started my vicarious road trip (although I am sad to leave the sea). Have lots of fun and thanks for letting us adventure with you.

    • Our love for the Lakeland church folk is never-ending! I am also sad to leave the sea, but happy to have continuing adventures inland. And… to have your vicarious company!

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