A European Holiday

We love Europe. We’ve blissfully enjoyed previous vacations in England, Italy, France and Spain. We’ve also taken two grand cruises to multiple other countries on a Baltic cruise and a Mediterranean Cruise. Today, Cindy and I are on our way to Europe, again — this time to Belgium and Holland, two countries we’ve yet to step foot in. We are so excited to spend the next eleven days there. We will land in Brussels tomorrow morning. We’ll then spend two nights in Ghent, three in Bruges, two in Delft, and three more in Amsterdam.

Waiting in the Akron-Canton Airport for our departure. We’ll have a two hour layover in Atlanta prior to an overnight flight to Brussels.

At that time, Cindy will fly back to the states while I take the train from Amsterdam to London. I will spend another eleven days in Oxford and Cambridge at the C. S. Lewis 2017 “Oxbridge” Summer Institute! The website describes it this way: “Our Summer Institutes offer a unique and intentional blend of worship, scholarship, and the arts in a “mere Christian” context for scholars, clergy, professionals, and laypersons around the globe. Academics serving in Christian and secular institutions report that these Summer Institutes rank among the very finest of conferences, offering experiences that have transformed their approach to their work and their life in the academy.”

We’ll post blogs as our schedule and wifi access allows. Next time… Brussels, Belgium!

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  1. You make one feel as if they were there…. that certainly includes…. looking so forward to hearing/living your next venture!!!

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