Pilot Mountain State Park

On Thursday, after a morning of Mayberry, we completed the short drive to the beautiful Pilot Mountain State Park for an afternoon in nature. Pilot Mountain, rising to 2400 ft. of altitude, has been a navigational landmark for centuries. The Saura Indians, the region’s earliest known inhabitants, called the mountain “Jomeokee”, meaning “great guide.” The two distinctive features of the mountain are called Little Pinnacle and Big Pinnacle (a.k.a., The Knob). We drove up to and walked around on Little Pinnacle, enjoying spectacular views of the Yadkin River Valley.

We took this picture of Pilot Mountain as we were driving from Fayetteville to Mt. Airy

[caption id="attachment_14991" align="alignnone" width="584"] The Knob

We then made our way to Jomeokee Trail, which took us over to The Knob for a hike around the conspicuous quartzite rock formation. We loved the one-mile hike and the fantastic vistas it afforded. We finished our day with a Mexican dinner at Tlaquepaque Mexican Restaurant.

While atop the mountain, I happened to check my app which monitors our Ram Truck. I’ve been ignoring the app for a while. It’s quite annoying when it pops up on the phone as I’m trying to use it for my GPS and driving directions. This time, I took a look and was surprised to see that my inside, left rear-tire had a pressure of 0 psi. I got out and took a look — sure enough, it was flat! I’m not sure how long it had been flat… hopefully, not too long. Having dual rear wheels, I hadn’t noticed any difference in the ride. We were due to leave the following morning, so I had to scramble to find a repair before our departure.

2 thoughts on “Pilot Mountain State Park

  1. I thought Chinese in Mount Pilot!!! They always went to the Chinese place, that was big time in Mayberry!!! I still watch every day!

  2. Wow! What gorgeous pictures & scenery! I’m glad you checked your vehicle data! That could have caused some trouble down the way if you hadn’t noticed that Be careful! Love you guys

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