The Poconos and the Delaware Water Gap

On Wednesday morning, we hooked up the RV and drove 171 miles to the northeast across the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania to a picturesque campground just to the west of the Pennsylvania/New Jersey state line, the Poconos/Delaware Water Gap KOA. The Pennsylvania roads were not any better than when we lived here. The ride was bumpy and full of traffic until we neared our destination. Our last few miles were along narrow, winding roads engulfed in God’s glorious creation. As we turned into our campground, we were greeted by three deer at the entrance: a buck, a doe, and a fawn. They were beautiful as they hurried away as we approached. I was told they are there “all the time,” but we didn’t see them again during our two days at the park. I regret to inform you that I had my first real mishap while driving the RV once we entered the park. I was focused on following the directions on the campground map when it called for a fairly sharp turn to get to our site. I looked low and went wide enough to clear any obstacle on the ground. However, a tree just off the driver’s side leaned out over the road. I was sickened to realize that I was scraping the top driver’s side of the 5th wheel on the side of the tree projecting over the gravel road. A side light and the small rain gutter did not survive. The edge of the roof has some damage, but after close examination, I don’t think there will be any major repairs necessary. Live and learn!

Here’s the damage. One light and a few scrapes to the roof. (And a smashed gutter which can’t be easily seen).

Here’s the leaning tree which attacked our home! (As you might see, it is a very sharp turn left around this tree to go to where we needed to go!)

When are truck was parked in South Carolina, the entire passenger’s side and top surface of the vehicle was covered with these brown spots (of unknown origin). They are almost impossible to get off. We’ve spent hours scrubbing and perhaps have 1/4 removed…. A little at a time!

Our campsite in the Delaware Water Gap KOA.

Beatitude II in her site in the Poconos.

We relaxed for the rest of the day on Wednesday. Thursday morning was spent on a 2.5 mile hike at Bushkill Falls, only a little over seven miles from our RV park. It was absolutely gorgeous. Bearing the (overstated) nickname, “The Niagra of Pennsylvania,” it contains eight distinct water falls found in a magnificent setting. The waters forming Bushkill Creek flow down from the Poconos, rushing over these falls on the way to the Delaware River below. There are several trails available, but we chose the longest, which visits each of the eight falls and is recommended for “avid hikers” only. Cindy did well.

Ready to hike!

The Main Falls which plummets over 100 feet. Little Bushkill Creek is the water source.

Main Falls

It’s the kid in me.

My wife is a “hiker!”

First Bridesmaid Falls, fed by Pond Run, the second source of water which flows through Bushkill Falls.

My favorite falls of the park, the Bridal Veil Falls. It’s easy to see how it deserved its name.

The hike was filled with beauty such as this.

Standing at the second Bridesmaid Falls.

Pennell Falls, the uppermost falls of the park.

Pennell Falls. These falls all tumble over rock consisting primarily of shale.

Beautiful scenery as we walk past Adams Flats

Adams Flats

Bloom where you’re planted! In this case, on a small rock in the middle of a stream.

Cindy on one of the bridges which traverse the creek.

Cindy has finished her 2.5 mile hike. Those last few stairs back up to the parking area are killers.


We returned to our RV for the afternoon. In the evening we dined on steak, hot off the grill. And a little later, we sat by our own little campfire, keeping warm in the chilly mountain air. The next morning, we would depart for upstate New York, where our grandson, James was waiting.

Cindy painting rocks outside in the cool refreshing air.

Cindy’s rock band.


A fire to keep us warm.

The the glow of the campfire.

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