Atlanta – Part I: Coca-Cola, Big Fish, and a Family Reunion

On Saturday, the 14th of October we left our RV park in southern Tennessee for a two-hour trip through some of the North Georgia mountains to our next RV park in Cumming, GA, just north of Atlanta. Cindy and I would be flying out to Wisconsin for work on Monday, and Christy would be flying back to Ohio on Monday as well. So, we had less than two full days to pack in some excitement in the Atlanta area.

Our deluxe, super-roomy site at Twin Lakes RV Park.

At the Varsity

As quickly as we could set up at the Twin Lakes RV Campground, we hopped in the truck for a drive into Atlanta for a late lunch at our favorite restaurant that we try to visit every time we visit the city — The Varsity. Once our bellies were full of good food from this iconic restaurant, we were ready to tour The World of Coca-Cola, a museum showcasing the history of the beverage which was invented in Atlanta. In fact, the museum is located just a few blocks from the spot where John Pemberton invented the original Coke formula. Coca-Cola is so intimately connected to Atlanta, that those raised in the area (that would include me) refer to all soft drinks as Coke. For example, We might ask someone what kind of Coke they want, and they might reply, “Pepsi!”

Standing in front of the fake vault which holds the secret of the Coca-Cola formula. 🙂

I wouldn’t mind driving this delivery truck.

An assortment of old Coke machines, several of which I remember getting my Coca-Cola from.

Cindy and Christy at The World of Coca-Cola.

After hanging out at Coca-Cola World for a couple of hours, we headed across the plaza to the one of the world’s best aquariums, The Georgia Aquarium. From its opening in 2005 until 2012, it was the world’s largest aquarium (now surpassed by one in Singapore). Over 100,000 animals are contained in 10,000,000 gallons of salt and fresh water. From beluga whales and whale sharks to small reef fish and jelly fish, it has something to impress everyone. It certainly reinforced my homesicknesses for the sea, though.

Lionfish — I saw many of these snorkeling and scuba diving in the Bahamas and Caribbean.


More Jellyfish.

Christy “under the sea”



Again reminds me of my snorkeling days. 🙂

Look how massive this aquarium is!

The largest fish in the world: The Whale Shark.

Cute Penguin.

And another.

Starfish and an Octopus.

Beluga Whales.

Mr. Crab

At the aquarium Dolphin Show.

After our adventures of the day, we found a Buffalo Wild Wings at which to watch the Georgia victory over Missouri. It was cool to finally be watching a game in Georgia, where I wasn’t alone (or nearly alone) in rooting for the Bulldogs.

On Sunday, we had a Carey family reunion of sorts. My three sisters, who all still live in the greater Atlanta area, came to our RV for a noontime cookout and get-together. It had been three or four years since I had seen them. It sure was good to be with them and their families once again.

The Carey Clan

My sister, Wanda, and her family, including her husband Paris. Missing is her daughter, Holly, who lives in Florida.

My sister, Gail, and her family, including her husband Dennis. Lisa, my youngest sister joins them (on the far right).

Me and my three sisters.

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