Niagara Falls

On Friday, the 29th, we hitched up our RV and drove a little over three-hundred miles along Interstate 90 to Niagara Falls. We arrived in the early afternoon, set up on our site in the Niagara Falls/Grand Island KOA, and — a little while later — drove into the downtown area of Niagara Falls, NY for dinner. I thought I had found a nice little restaurant for dinner called Wine on Third, but it turned out to have average food and below average wine. Our Pinot Noir tasted like grape juice. Oh well.

Cindy’s first time behind the wheel towing the 5th wheel. She drove for about an hour along I-90. Of course, as soon as she took the wheel, traffic picked up and road construction began. 🙂

Dinner at Wine on Third

The rest of the evening did not disappoint, however. We made our way across the Rainbow Bridge and through customs and immigration into Canada. After finding a place to park, we walked along one of the most impressive sights to greet the human eye: Niagara Falls. The Niagara River, which drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, falls 188 feet creating this spectacle of spectacles. Niagara Falls (consisting of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, as well as the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls) has an impressive average flow rate of four million cubic feet per minute. A stiff breeze showered us with mist as we walked along the waterfront, creating a rainbow above the falls. We admired the torrent of rushing water for a few minutes and then ascended the Skylon Tower where we had a commanding view of all the falls from 775 ft. above their base. At night, the falls are illuminated with colors, offering even more of a display (as if it was needed).

Horseshoe Falls

Rainbow over Horseshoe Falls

A look down at American Falls

Cindy before Horseshoe Falls

American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (the small section to the right) illuminated in the evening.

Horseshoe Falls at dusk

Goat Island separates the American from the Canadian falls.

The U.S. Side

The Canadian Side

American Falls at night

The Skylon Tower, which offers magnificent views of all sections of the falls (all of the illuminated photos were taken from atop the tower).

Horseshoe Falls as we walk back to our truck.

On Saturday, we visited the American side of the falls, primarily to take a ride on the Maid of the Mist. We had seen the falls from the level of the top of the falls, from 775 ft. above the base of the falls, and now we would see, and experience, them from below. We donned our cheap rain-ponchos (provided), boarded our vessel, and took a boat ride into the churning waters beneath Niagara Falls. It was an even better experience the second time around! (We visited here almost a quarter of a century ago.)

The Maid of the Mist with Rainbow Bridge behind

Ready to get wet aboard the Maid of the Mist

American Falls

Cindy at the base of American Falls

Horseshoe Falls from the Maid of the Mist (As we got closer, photos were unobtainable due to the wet conditions).

Looking at American Falls from the American side.


On Sunday morning, we were to begin our return journey southward — the first stop, western Pennsylvania.

Couldn’t resist a picture of this beauty in the parking lot.

Daredevils in Niagara

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