Return to Copper Falls State Park (with Cindy!)

On Monday morning, the 16th, Cindy, Christy and I took a ride with Uber to the Atlanta International Airport. Christy would fly back to Ohio, I would fly to Wisconsin for work, and Cindy, instead of flying to visit family in Ohio as usual, decided to accompany me to the north woods of Wisconsin. We landed in Minneapolis/St. Paul around 2 p.m. and then drove the four hours to Park Falls in our rental car. I would be working 24-hour shifts on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, with 24 hours off in between.

Fall Colors in Park Falls, WI

So, Tuesday I worked. Cindy visited with me for a few hours in my work/dictation room, but spent most of the day enjoying life in Munro Manor, a four-room bed and breakfast (which no longer does breakfast… I guess that makes it just a bed.). It’s lovely however and she loves the accommodations.

Munro Manor, our Park Falls accommodations.

On Wednesday, Cindy picked me up at 8 a.m. when my shift ended. I showered back at Munro Manor, and soon we were off for the forty-minute drive north on Route 13 to Copper Falls State Park. I visited (and blogged about) this place on my last excursion to northern Wisconsin to work, but I thought Cindy would enjoy it. It was perhaps better than it was before. The fall colors, although past their peak brilliance, still provided a beautiful backdrop of mostly yellows for our hike along the Doughboy Trail and the Bad River. The water seemed to be flowing more strongly over the several falls as well. It was a lovely afternoon spent hiking in warmer than usual mid-October temperatures (It was sunny and around 70 degrees).

Beautiful Copper Falls State Park

Park Pavillion surrounded by God’s handiwork.

Beginning our hike on Doughboy Trail

The Beautiful Bad River

the Bad

Last time, I didn’t take the side hike to the observation tower. This time, we decided to. These are the stairs at the beginning of the trail and it was more uphill hiking from here. Cindy is the speck at the bottom of the steps.

Fall Foliage on the Observation Tower trail.



Cindy, near the top of the observation tower.

Bad River water falls, the water is rich in tannins which provide the brownish tint.

Hiking the Doughboy Trail

Beauty in beauty.

Probably, the most picturesque spot on the trail.

Full-flowing falls.

Natural tree bridges across the river beneath the falls.

We’ve made it back to the bridge which marked the beginning of the trail.

We passed this friendly deer on the way out of the park.

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