With our Daughters in Western Pennsylvania

On Sunday, October 1st, we left the Niagara Falls KOA just before sunrise in order to arrive early at our next RV park, Rose Point Park Campground, just west of New Castle. Our two daughters, Julie and Mariah, and their significant others, Tracy and Murilo call New Castle their home. Mariah was born in Pennsylvania and has now found her way back to her birth-state. Julie spent the majority of her childhood in the state and never left. We feel blessed to have just spent time with our son and his family in New York, and now to spend time with our daughters. These were the main reasons we made this jaunt into the Northeast before winter weather hits.

Receiving my birthday present from Julie (and Tracy).

A perfect birthday gift.

Our arrival at our campground was well before the check-out time, so our site was not available. The staff was so kind and accommodating. The kids arrived just a few minutes after we did. After opening a couple of belated birthday presents (Georgia Bulldog Chairs!), we drove just a few miles to McConnells Mill State Park for a few miles of hiking and exploring. We trekked along Slippery Rock Creek as it flowed through a scenic gorge and ended at a restored watermill and a picturesque covered bridge. The mill, rebuilt in 1868 after destruction by fire, processed oats, corn, buckwheat and wheat until it was closed in 1928. The McConnell’s Mill Covered Bridge, a Howe truss bridge, was built in 1874. After walking back from the bridge, we drove a short distance to the Hells Hollow Trail and hiked to the diminutive (at this time due to low water) Hells Hollow Falls.

Mom and girls

Murilo and Mariah

This tree was determined to put its roots into the ground

The whole gang on the hike.

The boys

Slippery Rock Creek

Dad and Julie

Milling around in the mill.

Hiking selfie.

Hiking in Hells Hollow

Pennsylvania wildlife spotted on our hike: The white hickory tussock moth caterpillar -Pretty, but venomous.

Walking down from the limekiln to the falls

The mighty falls of Hells Hollow. Actually, at times, there is considerable water flow.

Once we were all sufficiently exhausted, we drove to the nearby Living Treasures Wild Animal Park. I must admit my initial skepticism as to how excellent this experience might be, given that it is located in the boonies and has a hokey name. My initial prejudice was soon overcome, however, by the impressive lineup of animals, and the ability to get up close and personal with most.

Who wouldn’t love this face?


Beautiful spotted leopard

Our wonderful, busy Sunday concluded with steak on the grill and laughing around the campfire. What a great time with our daughters!

Preparing dinner back at the RV

Fun around the campground

Happy 59th Birthday!

Julie, Tracy, and Murilo were back to work on Monday, but Mariah had the day off, so we were able to hang out with her most of the day. Our time in Pennsylvania was concluded with a meal at Tomatoes with Julie, Tracy, Mariah, Murilo, along with the added blessing of Tracy’s parents. It was a nice way to finish up two quick days with family.

6 thoughts on “With our Daughters in Western Pennsylvania

  1. How nice to be able to visit all your kids in the same month! Now that Jere & Fran is closer -maybe all together one day! Looked like a great time❤️

  2. We just legt Eastern Pennsylvania it is so pretty this time of year. Glad you and Cindy had quality time with your girls as I did with mine.

  3. Loved, loved, loved that pix of the tree with roots all over the rock to get into the ground ….. Thanx for including it as you enjoyed time with family ….

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