The Final Blog: Number 476

I’ve run out of steam. I’ve kept this blog going for well over five years now. It was in August of 2012, just after we purchased our sailing catamaran, Beatitude, that the first post was penned. This is the 476th. We’ve sailed ten thousand miles and driven three thousand in Beatitude II, our 5th wheel RV. The season for blogging has ended, at least for now. The hours needed to prepare and publish each new post have become drudgery. I can use that time more productively and more enjoyably. We will continue to share our adventures over our Facebook pages. You’ll be able to follow our adventures in a more real-time manner since we can post the photos more quickly and easily. I hope you’ll continue to keep us company as we head to all the great national parks out west over the next year or two. We’ll also have plenty of other adventures to share squeezed into those epic experiences.

Our motto has been “Traveling this orb with a sense of awe and wonder which is grounded in the reality of a world full of meaning, beauty, and goodness.” This we have done and will continue to do. In the unlikely occurrence that you are a reader of this blog and not a Facebook friend, I hope you’ll befriend Cindy, I, or SV Beatitude.

There are still a few adventures to share since we’ve returned to Georgia from Wisconsin over a week ago. I’ll be posting those photos on Facebook soon. The last few photos on our blog are from our walk today on the Big Creek Greenway, not far from our RV park. The Autumn colors have made their way southward with us to North Georgia.

22 thoughts on “The Final Blog: Number 476

  1. Thanks for the journeys you have taken us on. I look forward to seeing your FB posts! May God continue to bless you both.

  2. The end of an era! I as down by the harbor today and I thinking that you and I need to rent a boat and go for a sail. Perhaps in the future.

  3. Have deeply enjoyed the blog – perhaps on occasion you’ll pen another here and there – without the pressure of knowing you HAD TO …. lol …. But do appreciate the pix and the journey.

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You did a great job telling about all your journeys. Enjoy your travels . Safe travels. Will watch for you on Facebook.

  5. I have enjoyed your blog so much… vicariously thru your adventures !!! You’ve lived what a lot of us only dream of….keep enjoying your life.

  6. Loved “being with you two” on your travels. You are an excellent writer, but as always I will follow you on FB!

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